Alcohol-Related Offenses

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Conviction of an   alcohol-related crime can lead to fines, a permanent criminal record and even   jail. In the past, people arrested for alcohol-related offenses could have   their arrests and convictions dismissed through a deferred prosecution   agreement (DPA). In recent years, however, more and more employers have come   to view DPAs as equivalent to convictions and may not hire job candidates   because of them. At the Law Office of Barry T. Winston,   we try to minimize the charges or sentence against our clients by working   with prosecutors on alternatives to the jail time, enormous fines and   permanent criminal records they might otherwise face. While each case is   different, if your driving and criminal records are both relatively clean, we   can often have the charges and sentence against you reduced.

If you’ve been arrested on   an alcohol-related offense, contact   criminal defense lawyer Barry T. Winston today to   schedule an appointment and discuss your case and the options available to   you.

By law, you are only required to show proof of identification   if you are stopped while operating a motor vehicle. If you are not operating   a motor vehicle and an officer asks you to provide proof of identification,   you are not required to do so. If you are arrested, you can take legal action   against the police for violating your rights.

Arrested   for an Alcohol-Related Crime?

The Law Office of Barry T.   Winston represents people arrested for alcohol-related crimes such as:

Parties   and Arrests for Underage Drinking

When police arrive at a   house party or at a fraternity, they often make arrests for underage   drinking. They may arrest people who they perceive as being in a position of   authority even through the person(s) in question may have had nothing to do   with the serving or presence of alcohol. As your attorney, Barry T. Winston   challenges claims on the part of arresting officers who may have been more   interested in shutting down a party than in sorting out the truth. In many   cases, Mr. Winston can have the charges or sentence against you reduced in   exchange for increased community service or enrollment in an alcohol abuse   program.

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A conviction on an   alcohol-related crime can complicate your life and interfere with your future   in ways people don’t always anticipate. If you’ve been arrested on an alcohol   offense, contact   criminal defense attorney Barry T. Winston today to   schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you.